Wine and Weed: Kush Anyone?

By: Amanda Díaz de Hoyo


Be flexible. That´s my lesson for today. I was running some errands, my husband´s car was on the repair shop. A friend of mine was asking for some advice and I was texting about medical cannabis. Busy morning, thinking I´m sort of Mrs. Sativa Indica. As you read on my latest blog, I´m a medical user. I really do not judge you if you use it as a patient or a recreational user. You are my guest in this site and I respect you as you are. This morning, I found myself answering some questions and one is like a highlight. What does kush means when you get your weed? For a common consumer like me, it´s always good to know what are you taking for your condition. Also, how does it fit to your life style. I love wine, good food, travels and sharing information, bona fide.


When you go to a dispensary you are always going to get some hybrid, a combination of the best cultivars available. Strains, that is. So you personalized your treatment. This is why Medical Cannabis is a revolution now days. It goes to a more preventive and ecological way to dignify your medical condition. Mainly you can get sativas and indicas blends. That is what hybrid seeds are all about. Two different strains produce a hybrid. Now you get it. If the word kush appears somewhere on the name of your favorite cannabis hybrid, there is a descendant of the Hindu Kush mountains strain. If you read something about Haze, remember Jamaica. Haze is a primary type sativa. The kush comes from India and there is some called Durban Poison, that according to site comes from Africa. It is very interesting how the best characteristics of each strain have been modified according to patients needs. That´s why many big pharmaceutical and agricultural monsters are trying to get a hold of the market. I really prefer a much artisan like, less corporate approach. From my taste buds experience, kush has a more grapey character that goes well with wine. This time, I´m having an Australian free school wine with my Rasta Kush. It is not about how indica or sativa is in competition. It is all about well-being.

Be safe, be well and be responsible.

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Thanks for sharing knowledge and peace.

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