Vaping with Pinot Grigio

I was reading about the wine pairing with weed today. I was double checking my palate. So, being in Puerto Rico, I had to try a Pinot Grigio which is so citric in aromas and taste with whatever weed I had in hand.  There is mystery in the air. The tropics are humid and hot this evening. So I have to have some Cherry Wine after having King Kong strain in the afternoon.  My strains of choice at night are Rasta Kush, Purple Kush but I went again for the Cherry Wine.

On my wine glass, I have a Pinot Grigio from Italy. After having some hard time with my  rechargeable vape and I really wanted some Mango Kush, I went to the strain with more CDB on. So checking on my pot, I decided to go back to the Cherry wine. For my well-being, King Kong and Silver Haze are just for the day. They keep me very awake and energetic on the bright side but I am beginning to notice that high THC hybrids make me  upset most of the time. I don’t want to be that way. I’m going more into the CDB from now on. This is why you have to listen to your body. There is no standard dose like in pharmaceutical drugs. The rule of thumb I used were the suggestions given by my Dr. Jaime Claudio and my budtenders.

Super Silver Haze, an a.m. sativa strain.

With that being said, I turned back to the acidity on the  Pinot Grigio. The classic mandarin orange notes, lime and mineral hues went well with the wine, even when it wasn’t a very good one.

Then after vaping some of the Cherry Wine, green pears as those from Anjou came forward on my palate. Then a sip of wine and the experience keep on intensifying. Some green grosellas, you have to be here in Puerto Rico to relate to them, even green white guavas come to my mind.

This is a real trip for the palate, mind and body. I’m getting in tune with all the flavors and aromas while their enhance in me. Of course I choose my dry herb vaporizer, the gadget I’m beginning to trust the most because of its effectiveness. So I went to my greens, the Pinot and the Weed.

The aftertaste is flavor full, citrus fruits, green apples, pears and lime come together as only one fruit. Then the Cherry Wine strain turns out really creamy, herbaceous and mineral. After some vaping, no pain and pure relaxation. At last, with the use of medical cannabis I’m feeling stress free. Yeah!

This is a great sensorial experience!

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Thanks for sharing knowledge and peace.

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