Beer, White Candy Hybrid and Microdosing


Wine and Weed at Paquecepas


shallow focus photography of cannabis plant
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I know, I know…it has been a while. Well, I´m trying to finish a book. There are quite a few things going on in my life right now.

If there were no cannabis allowed in my life, things will get very difficult. On a most pleasant way of seen life, today I tried Golden Monkey Beer. It was quite an interesting organoleptic exercise.

After chilling for a while, the beer was ready to serve. On one hand Golden Monkey. On the other. Candy White Strain.

After a sip of Golden Monkey, a very hop forward beer, a black pepper taste, and its aftertaste made me wonder how about pairing it with Thai or Hindu dishes.

The White Candy hybrid, I have used before. The taste of this strain is somewhat fruity going into gummies candies. That is usually how I have perceived it without any wine or another spirit.


close up photo of kush on glass container
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After sipping the Golden Monkey and vaporizing some of the White Candy, I really felt the pepper and tingling aftertaste. It was a very interesting adventure. Golden Monkey is not my style of beer for the tropics. It is strong, pungent and for those who like spicy foods, you should try it.

For me, it was really an explosive relationship. After it, I went directly to dark chocolate and cold water.


White Candy Hybrid and Microdosing

I have been dealing with the art of microdosing for many months. I have searched all over. I found that to get the right dose who have to study your lifestyle.

Mine has been for the last 3 years a more balanced one. There are no days exactly the same. The microdosing can be different every day. That’s your body to decide. If there is some pain, anxiety, I know I need to change my respiration, organized my thoughts and take control of my impulse of having a couple of pills from some over the counter drug.

After that, I will do my vaping, 3 times a day or as needed. At last, I think I got a nice balance on my microdosing.

Some of my cannabis strains are Super Silver Haze a Sativa dominant strain during the morning. If needed, in the afternoon I do some Mango Kush or Tangie Jack. White Candy Hybrid in controlled vapes is working fine at night for me.

Everybody is different and unique so there is no standard measure for this. Use cannabis, wine, and food, responsibly. Listen to your body and be happy. Enjoy life as much as I do.

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Thanks for sharing knowledge and peace.

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