Wine and Weed: Finca Montepedroso Verdejo plus Jack!

While tasting this Verdejo, I was going back to Rueda in my mind.

It’s so nice to see friends from the wine industry like Diego Martinez Aroca from Spain. He has been with Familia Martinez Bujanda working for over 20 plus years.

I went to a very interesting tasting where all my attention was to a Verdejo wine: Finca Montepedroso 2017. I usually go for the reds, the Garnachas and Tempranillos but in this case…Verdejo. I suppose the name comes from its light green yellowish color. 

Perhaps it took me back to Rueda, in Spain.  Perhaps the soils, the history behind the grape or even the taste of my recent enjoyed Tangie Jack cannabis strain, mingle  here.

The Verdejo, very aromatic, citrus, fennel like wine was served on the perfect temperature for the tropics. Nice for Puerto Rico.

The grape Verdejo came with the Moors to Spain from the North of Africa on the 12th century. On late 19th century, it was almost gone due to the Phylloxera crisis.  Verdejos cultivars were replanted with other grapes like Palomino that were easier to grow.

What I did find out in this Montepedroso 2017 was that it really into the terroir of the D.O. Rueda.  This is not a game of words. Hold it!

It´s just that the amount of Verdejo used to produce this wine is 100%.

I brought a bottle home to try it with two cannabis strains: Tangy Jack and Jack Herer.

I mean, the best medicine for me during this last year is the Cannabis. One of the plus like sides of this medicine is that I can still enjoy wines and other spirits without diminishing its healing power. 

Careful here, I do use everything responsibly. Just, if you´re wondering. There is a common mistake to just think Cannabis patients are stoners. No, we are not.

Image result for tangie jack


Tangie Jack and Jack Herer  are relatives in the cannabis family. So both share citrus, pine and a little white spices that enhanced the wine experience in my palate.

The Verdejo turn into a bigger wine after just one hit of Tangie. I just sat back, relaxed and turn all my organoleptic experience to places where I have tasted Verdejo wines. Aromas get more intense after the hit. Where there are good aromas, expect great flavors. This is not 

Though I prefer my sativas for diurnal purposes, in case of tastings, sometimes I alter the use.

Try this very slowly. There is no rush. Be responsible. Keep on learning about yourself!

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Thanks for sharing knowledge and peace.

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