Wine and Weed: Chatus and Chile

A Chatus from France and a Camenere from Chile, tastings keep on!

These past weeks, I had been tasting great wines. It all started out with a grape I haven’t tasted before, Chatus. Thanks to my dear friend Mariano Laos, I had the chance to try the Domaine du Grangeon Ardeche 2012. The work of Christopher Reynouard through the vines and wines called my attention because of the intensity of the flavors and aromas of this wine. Chatus is a grape from the region of Ardeche, France on the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Is a red wine, sharp in red hues. Has overripe plums and cherries. Even after 6 years, it’s a wine that can be aged a little to see how it matures in complexity. Because of its intensity in fruity flavors, I know it goes well with Mango Kush strain. Then layers of flavors come out from the wine, fruits, some nuts, and sweet spices. This was a cheerful way to try to review more wines and of course, more of my medical cannabis.

A week after that Chatus, Chilean wines were on my tasting buds. Chilean wines are so dynamic. to try from different grapes and viticultural areas that you have to keep up with them. Rafael Prieto, winemaker, and Jose Ignacio Maturana, from Bodegas TopWinemakers Chile and Multi. They consolidated the grapes from different wineries in one bottle. This is the innovative approach that seems amazing for the taste buds.

Like always happens, after tasting some wines well with there´s one that keeps you wondering. I love that magical moment when there is a complete balance with my the wine acquired terpenes taste. The TW Carmenere 2012, was the wine. It was a very nice, round, medium body wine rich in fruit flavors, modern, with wine that green hints. Eucalyptus and green pepper for me. Perhaps it was the Pyrazine, a terpene you find in wine, is making up for those missing in our diets. For this one, my strain of choice is White Candy. 

That´s why wine and weed go well together. Both are splendid botanical expressions, they complement each other .Or vice versa!

This wine is very particular in expression.

As always, be responsible, use in moderation, and think about possibilities.

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Thanks for sharing knowledge and peace.

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