Wine and Weed: Doubts and concerns

Lately, I have encountered so many friends who ask for information about my micro-dosing with medical cannabis. I tell them that everybody is so different and unique that the experience will be as such. It also happens with my wine friends, many who are also using cannabis. There are so many doubts, concerns, not much dealing with a new empowered generation of medical cannabis users.

The other day I was tasting some wines from Hacienda Monasterio, one of the nice wineries from Ribera del Duero. In my notes for the wines, I wrote my favorite strains for each wine. Due to my limitation of knowledge in the cannabis world, I just had a few to compare the wines.

For the Hacienda Monasterio Crianza 2015, a very elegant Crianza that has the heart of the Reserva I chose the Mango Kush strain. The flavors of the terpenes, mainly myrcene, with the hints of tropical fruits took me to the minerals and character of the wine. Great aroma for the wine, which is aged for longer than average crianzas. The Reserva 2014, well balanced, harmonious tempranillo, is dynamic and for me was perfect with the White Candy strain.

I like to see every angle possible, enhance my experience and share it. It´s the great thing about wines, culture and clarity.

For Hacienda Monasterio Selección Especial, I chose a sativa dominant hybrid like Super Silver Haze or Jack Herer. There was something about honey, toast and smokiness behind the wine that took my taste buds to these strains.

I must add, that this enhancement of the wine experience I also find it in other aspects of life. Since I began to walk carefully and methodically on my medical cannabis, my attention span to details have improved in a dramatic way.

It hasn´t been easy. I´m still learning with every step. Perhaps, the most important one is to relearn how to live without all those prejudices and beliefs our so called modern society imposed my generation.

As always, be responsible with yourself, learn about everything you can improve in life, have common sense.

Amanda Díaz de Hoyo

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Thanks for sharing knowledge and peace.

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