Wine and Weed:NZ Pinot meets Tangie Jack



I´m just having a  Seaside Cellars New Zealand Pinot Noir. Nothing expensive, just a good value per price wine looking for a great excuse to write my blog. Then I was thanking all my masters in the route of the wine for having me as  a pain in the neck. My wine masters are a long story but it is better if a choose one in particular this time: Paco Villón. I was his under study by the grace of my editor in friend Lupe Vázquez, while in my freshman years as wine journalist for El Nuevo Día. For me, it was like a clash with a Titan my first encounter with the real José Luis Díaz de Villegas, pen named Paco Villón.


vaso paquecepas seaside

My wine of the day is a Pinot Noir, not pricey.  The year 2014, the hues violet, bluish and some shades of reddish appear on my cool wine glass. The aromas are more herbaceous, lavender infused pepper.

The pairing with pop corn made it funky. It is a shame I don´t have truffles oil around to drop a couple of drops, to accentuate the terroir. Remember guys, that Malborough has a peculiar personality since The Lord of the Rings blessings.

To enhance the experience, I added up my dose of Tangie Jack. Instead using the Dry Herb vaporizer, I´m having a cartridge oil instead. Gridded flowers are more subtle than the cartridge.

Tangie Jack has a THC of 60.11 % and CBD of .56% on my  medicinal description label.That´s a very important fact! By reading my blog, you´ll find out.

I just had a sip of the wine. With a vaped of Cannabis, it enhances the herbaceous and until now, hidden minerals of the terroir.  It really reminds me of the Atlantic Coast. I haven´t been to New Zealand yet. The same happened with the guava limber I was having with Tangie Jack, the sulfuric qualities of the soil! Why cannabis wasn´t medicinal before. Shit!

This is a great  buy for a relax bottle at home. The best part is that´s screw cap bottle that last longer on the fridge. Very tight, you can enjoy a good nice glass for more than 3 days after opening. After I opened, I finished on the 4th day after opening and it was as fresh as on the first night. Awesome. No more money lost on gadgets, and more budget for wine and cannabis!

I mean, relaxing effects are taking a toll on me!

Be responsible. Be safe know your limits.

Amanda Díaz de Hoyo

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